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Project Two–Am I On My Own?

We went back to the FB with our printed fancy report in hope of an actual implement of our project. It seemed that Walter really liked it and he would propose it to the board. Although it requires lots of more... Continue Reading →


Day#12–Submission Day

We've made it!!!! Due to the fact that I forgot to take a photo of us, this is what I got for my final blog: It seems that everyone likes my classes. And we are the best team!!! Next stop:... Continue Reading →

#Day #11–Preparation for Submission

Today we were preparing for the report and presentation. And we divided missions according to our strengths: Hannah was responsible for the layout, Fatme was writing, Ravin was creating 3D model of the waiting area, and I was drawing graphs.... Continue Reading →

Day#10–Finalizing Solution

As we decided to do improvements on the waiting area of the Food Bank, we went back there today and measured dimensions of the room in order to create a relatively accurate 3D model in Rhino. And it would help... Continue Reading →

Day#9–Our New Design Question

As we were focusing on improving the waiting area of the Food Bank, I created two story boards:    Both of them communicates possible solutions to the waiting area. And both of them are inspired by Ben.   Then we... Continue Reading →

Day#8–Narrowing Down the Issue

Based on our field research, today we tried to came up with the issues that required the most attention to be solved. As we found out that Food Bank was the most welcoming and provided with the most information, we... Continue Reading →

Day#6&7–Out in the Field

Today and yesterday are the days that we have a chance to explore outside of the classroom. The first place that we visited was John Janzen Nature Centre and this is one of their show rooms. Apparently, there were not a... Continue Reading →

Day#5–Inter-Group Discussion

Each of us in our group created 2 story boards, and we laid them all on the sofa to compare and to discuss the ideas behind them.    Me and Fatme had similar ideas around food trucks. And this is... Continue Reading →

Day #4–Design Sprints

Today we looked further into our design problem: How might we enable healthy lifestyles in youth living with low income families in Alberta? We made an assumption in this problem statement: Low income families are living with less healthy food... Continue Reading →

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